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We are a group of civil society volunteers concerned about the rights of Singaporean and migrant workers. Through our activities we are working towards labour rights for all. If you have questions about employment- and poverty-related issues or need help from our volunteer social workers, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our logo reflects our mission to achieve labour rights for all. Traditionally, the colours black and white, when used together, symbolise justice, ie, there are no grey areas in the pursuit of justice. The red words symbolise our common humanity. It is this common humanity that calls us to work for improvements in labour conditions.

  • Workfair Singapore’s Response to the Little India COI Report

      Workfair Singapore (WS) regrets the Little India Committee of Inquiry (COI) Report appears to have simply reiterated the position articulated by Cabinet Ministers long before the COI or the criminal proceedings had heard evidence. It found that the incident… Read More ›

  • Public Order Bill Disproportionate and Ill-timed

    Parliament’s intention to enact the Public Order (Additional Temporary Measures) Bill is deeply troubling because it seeks to curtail the basic privileges and protections upon which all residents depend, whether citizen or migrant. The Bill proposes to confer wide-ranging powers… Read More ›

  • Recommendations to the Committee of Inquiry into Little India Riot

    1. Workfair Singapore welcomes the Prime Minister’s remarks on Christmas Eve regarding the conduct of the Committee of Inquiry into the Little India Riot. The Committee, formed by the Minister for Home Affairs, carries the following Terms of Reference: a…. Read More ›

  • Government’s Treatment of Deportees Undermines Security

    Workfair Singapore is deeply concerned the deportation of the seven acquitted of rioting was carried out by non-transparent Executive action. The Law Ministry’s response (Law Ministry responds to calls to justify repatriation, Today 24 December 2013) raises concerns for Singaporeans’… Read More ›

  • Access to Justice Concerns for Little India Riot Accused

    Photo credit: Mediacorp Singapore, 18 December 2013 –  Workfair Singapore is deeply dismayed that some of those remanded on charges of rioting in the Little India incident have complained of police assault in a place where there was no camera…. Read More ›

  • Statement to Media on Little India Riot

    The Singapore government has implemented several measures to avoid a repeat of the violence of last Sunday’s riot. Alcohol sale was banned this weekend and private buses from dormitories to Little India have been temporarily suspended. Little India has been… Read More ›

  • The Haze and Broader Questions About Workers’ Rights

    By Jolovan Wham In the past week, the government has been scrambling to deal with the health risks caused by the haze to low wage workers. Low wage workers are often at the losing end because they have the least… Read More ›