Month: May 2013

Major Online Websites in Singapore to Protest Against Licensing Requirement

MAJOR ONLINE WEBSITES IN SINGAPORE TO PROTEST AGAINST LICENSING REQUIREMENT The Media Development Authority had, on Tuesday, introduced a “licensing framework” that would require “online news sites” to put up a “performance bond” of $50,000 and “comply within 24 hours… Read More ›


Local Civil Society Activists Start Joint Business Venture

Social worker Jolovan Wham, anti-activist activist Shafiie Syahmi and militant feminist Vanessa Ho will be putting their entrepreneurial skills to the test this Saturday afternoon outside Liat Towers along Orchard Road to promote their latest online business venture. They will be… Read More ›


Civil Society and Politics: A Response to Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Home Affairs

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) have dismissed the statements issued by civil society groups and ex-SMRT driver He Junling. We have also been told we are exploiting vulnerable foreign workers for our own political… Read More ›