SMRT Bus Strike Update: Corrections to erroneous Straits Times report after pre-trial conference on 1 Feb 2013

The Straits Times published an article that included several inaccuracies about the on-going SMRT bus drivers’ case after the men’s pre-trial conference on 1 February 2013. Workfair has sought clarification from He Jun Ling’s lawyer, Choo Zhengxi, and the update below address ST’s inaccuracies.


Above: Screen capture of Straits Times online article containing several inaccuracies

He Jun Ling, Gao Yue Qiang, Wang Xianjie and Liu Xiang Ying were in court today for a pre-trial conference. The four former drivers charged for their roles in the ‘illegal strike’ at SMRT have not made a decision on whether to plead guilty.

Their lawyers will be meeting prosecutors in chambers on the 8th of February to set trial dates. However, He’s lawyer, Choo Zhengxi, says the men have not indicated if they want the trial to go ahead.

“They have neither rebuffed nor rejected the prosecution’s offer and are still giving it serious consideration,” says Choo. “We will make a counter offer, if necessary.”

Choo says the lawyers still have evidence to go through, including the translation from Chinese to English of 200 pages of QQ chat messages.

In court on Friday, Choo also put on record a request for the Attorney General’s Chambers to caution SMRT about the public statement it released about the four men’s work record as it was extremely prejudicial towards the four former bus drivers. He also added that the statement is possibly sub judice.


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