FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Reply to SMRT’s Press Statement on 23 Jan 2013

This is a response to SMRT’s press statement on former SMRT bus drivers He Jun Ling, Gao Yue Qiang, Liu Xiang Ying and Wang Xianjie, which was reported in TODAY on 23 January 2013.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Reply to SMRT’s Press Statement on 23 January 2013

  1. We refer to SMRT’s statement regarding our dismissal.
  2. SMRT’s press statement contains several factual inaccuracies and gives a mistaken impression that we chose not to turn up at work after we were released from bail. The factual inaccuracies are as follows:
  3. First, SMRT states that we had, “until recently, refused direct communication”. This incorrectly gives the impression that we were being evasive.
  4. The fact is, we were released on bail on 6 December 2012. As early as 8 December 2012, SMRT would have been fully aware, through media reports, that we had engaged lawyers. In fact, SMRT pro-actively wrote to our lawyers on 12 December 2012 and our lawyers replied on 16 December 2012.
  5. Next, SMRT suggests, in their press statement, that we willingly moved out of our dormitories.
  6. The fact is, SMRT had de-activated our access cards to the dormitories as early as 27 November 2012. We had to retrieve our belongings from our dormitories through our friends.
  7. SMRT pasted photos of us on the dormitory entrance with the caption “BANNED FROM ENTRY” [see image below].
  8. Further, SMRT had at all times indicated that we were not allowed to be represented before the Board of Inquiry by lawyers.
  9. It is wrong for SMRT to suggest that we have neglected our responsibilities to the company when SMRT had clearly by their actions above indicated they were no longer interested in keeping us as employees.
  10. For further questions, please contact our lawyers.


BANNEDfromDorm(Above: Photo of poster at SMRT dormitory banning the four drivers)


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