Harassed and Intimidated – SMRT Bus Drivers and NGO Volunteer File Police Report

The four SMRT bus drivers charged for their role in the “illegal strike” in November 2012, along with an NGO volunteer, have filed a police report in response to harassment from unidentified persons.

Since early December, when they were released on bail, He Junling, 32, Gao Yueqiang, 32, Wang Xianjie, 39, Liu Xiangying, 33, have been tailed on several occasions. Says He, “Up until now, we still don’t know the identities of the people who’ve been following us.”

Details from the police report, filed on 10 January 2013:

On 6th December 2012, Wang Xianjie noticed that he and his friends Liu Xiangying, Gao Yueqiang, and He Junling were being tailed from Geylang Lorong 37 to Geylang Lorong 15, where they were staying temporarily. They had just been bailed out as they were charged for taking part in an “illegal strike”. When Wang Xianjie went up to the apartment at Geylang Lorong 15, he noticed that the man who followed him stood at the entrance of the apartment. When the man met Wang Xianjie’s eye, he went down and Wang Xianjie noticed that he had joined some other people who were standing around a van. They went into the van and drove off.

On 8th December 2012, as the 4 men were on their way from Rowell Road to their dormitory at Woodlands, they realized that they were being followed by three cars. They managed to take a picture of one of the cars and its licence plate number was SKB 9701K. The four men returned to Rowell Road and realized that they were still being followed. They were joined by [volunteer, name withheld] and they took a taxi to Geylang Lorong 15. They were joined by [volunteer, name withheld] and [volunteer, name withheld] shortly after. At about midnight, [volunteer, name withheld], [volunteer, name withheld] and [volunteer, name withheld] went to a nearby coffee shop and realized that they were being tailed by a man in a brown shirt. He was stocky, about 5 feet 7 and wore a brown shirt. He was loitering around them even as they were having drinks.

On 28th December, [volunteer, name withheld], and the 4 drivers went for dinner at a coffee shop at Geylang. She noticed that they were being followed by three men and she took pictures of them.

On 27th December, [volunteer, name withheld], [volunteer, name withheld], and the four drivers went to a car park at Yishun Avenue 7 for a meeting with a few drivers who were ex employees of SMRT. After the meeting, they realized that they were being followed by two vehicles and one of them was the black one which had followed the four men on 8th December. The licence plate number, SKB 9701K was the same black car that had followed them on 8th December. They also noted that they were being followed by another white car, with the license plate number 2703. They noticed that the driver of that car was Indian.

On 5 January 2013, He Junling saw the picture that [volunteer, name withheld] took of the men tailing them on 28th December and realized that one of the men in the picture had also followed them on 27th December 2012.


ABOVE: Image of page one of police report


ABOVE: Picture of the car that has been following the SMRT drivers


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